Future film festival graphic design competition

A series of practical workshops for design students, with the final aim of creating a marketing campaign to advertise and promote the BFI Future Film Festival, for 15 to 25-year-olds who love film
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A live project, a real world brief that will take you inside the magical British Film Institute on the Southbank in London.

A workshop for graphic design students who love film

An amazing opportunity for budding graphic designers to gain insider's knowledge on how a film festival is made and how it is promoted and marketed.
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As well as a chance to take active part and be one of the protagonists of the unique Future Film Festival.

Bridging the gap between designers and filmmakers

The perfect occasion for young designers and filmmakers to meet, connect and lay the foundations for a future collaboration.

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It's where the next generation’s Alfred Hitchcock and Otto Preminger can find their Saul Bass.

Meet the previous editions’ winners

Check out the winning concepts for the previous editions of the workshop, from Sam Mensah in 2012 to Dhiren Patel in 2014
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Even though...

Everybody is a winner in this competition

Each student taking part in the workshop will showcase their work at an exhibition held at BFI Southbank, London, during the Future Film Festival.
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And they also get to hold a masterclass part of the festival itself, teaching young filmmakers how a poster is designed.